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3D Dragon Bundle

3D Dragon Bundle

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✅ This bundle is a shadowNprint exclusive. You can choose a package of 3, 4, or 5 dragons in a bundle. This allows you to get these dragons at a lower price than purchasing them individually. Your choices are from our crystals: Rose, woodland, clover, or sea dragon . For the 3 dragon options, it would be the rose, Crystal, and clover dragon. The 4 dragon option will be the 3 plus the woodland. Then, the 5 options would be all dragons.

✅ These dragons are made from plastic (PLA plastic). They can be printed in many colors. We have received permission from the designer Cinderwing to print this beautiful creation because we have purchased the commercial license. You will love these 3d printed dragons. The dragons do not skip out any details; it take an average of 40 hours to print each one. Each dragon is about 23 inches long stretched out. The dragons make a great fidget toy or an adorable decoration. Each dragon gets its name from the design.

✅Not recommended for small children. Perfect as a small gift or stocking stuffer. Great simple toy for older children due to small pieces. We have many colors of the dragon; if you have any questions, please contact us. What color you choose will be what all your dragons will be. If you choose the rainbow option, the dragons will come out multicolored. With the rainbow, we can not guarantee the color. If you choose the variety of colors, please send us a message in your order or on etsy for what colors you would like.

✅With the glow in the dark option, it comes with a UV flashlight. The glow in the dark works best with UV light.

****Silky rainbow changes colors every 5-10 meters. If you have any questions, please send a message.****

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