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3D Printed Railgun Core Lamp

3D Printed Railgun Core Lamp

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You will not want to miss having this 3d printed sci-fi light. It is so versatile it can fit it any room. It can be a decoration of a mantle. A light on your desk or bookshelf. A nightlight in your bedroom. A statement piece in a living room. This lamp is very lightweight and can be easily moved. In addition to all these options, it can be a great gift.

The sci-fi lamp is 3d printed with translucent PLA for the base and your choice of PLA for the end caps and stand. he lights have several color options so you can change it based on your mood. There is also battery operated, remote controlled RGB LED lights in the end caps. There are one lights located on each end cap. The lights require 3 AAA batteries on each one, a total of 6 AAA batteries. Batteries are not included. A remote is also included to control the lights. Batteries are included with remote.

The specifications are the lamps as follows: The measurements are 10.5x3.5x3.5 inches. The lights are remote-controlled. The colors for the end cap and stand are black, white, copper, and silver. It is very simple to install the batteries in the end cap. The two-end cap unscrews, and the batteries can be removed. You will not be disappointed. Get yours today. and even one for a friend.

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