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Christmas Coin Jar

Christmas Coin Jar

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✅ Are you looking to save money for Christmas? The glass Money Bank is your item. The glass bank is accompanied by a black mallet for decorative purposes. There is a plastic opening at the top of the glass block to insert coins and bills. What a fun way to save for the holidays. The 7.5-inch square glass block will add humor to your Christmas savings plan. The glass box is very sturdy; it weighs in at 5lbs by itself. You will not be disappointed.

✅ The Christmas Bank can be a great statement piece in your own home. Do you need some decoration on your mantle? This is your item. It is also a great neutral gift for the holidays. This money bank can serve dual purposes. It takes a lot of effort to break, so it forces one to save. This will help you stay on a holiday budget.

✅ The Christmas glass bank makes a great gift. Have a friend or loved one who is looking to save money for the holidays; this makes a great gift. Our Christmas glass bank is an ideal gift for you and your loved ones to start saving for the holidays.

✅ The glass bank is decorated with vinyl on the front and bank and red ribbon around the perimeter. If you would like it to be personalized, please message us so we can try to accommodate. The dimensions are 7.5" x 7.5" x 3.1".

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