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3d Printed Easter Eggs

3d Printed Easter Eggs

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✅ These plastic dragon eggs are amazing. They are numbered from 1 through 12 or can be printed blank. The eggs are sold in a set of 12.  We also have blank eggs so if you would like 12 blank eggs please let us know.

✅ There are so many uses for these dragon eggs. The options are endless. It can be used for an Easter egg hunt, and because the eggs are numbered, it will be easy to make them prize eggs. They can also be used to decorate for a party as party favors. Another option is around Christmas time they can be a non-traditional advent calendar because they are numbered, and they have a hook so they can be hung. You will not be disappointed.

✅ This design is made from Cinderwing. We have authorization to be a reseller.

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